meeba for businesses. Reach your customers everywhere.

Whether you are a local business, a franchise, an attraction or an organization, meeba can help you reach more customers and more importantly, it can help the right customers get to you.

  • By signing with meeba, you can add your business (or event you manage) to the map and make it accessible to everyone anywhere. Once it's there you can see how many people viewed it and let people rate and comment on it. All this free of charge.
  • We are currently developing a system made especially for businesses and organizations. Using this new system you will get more control over how your business will look in the application, as well as recieve more information and data about it and about the people looking at it.
  • Business promotion - if you wish to reach even more people we can offer you in-app promotions. Contact details at bottom.
  • Collaboration - own a business for travelers? Contact us for mutual advertising in app and site.