About meeba. How the magic begun.

meeba is all about helping travelers make the best out of their trip.

It all began when Hatzav (one of meeba's founders) came back from an 11 months trip to Central & South America.
"After wasting so much time trying to plan my trip so I wouldn't miss anything, wasting time debating where my friends and I should stay, sleep, eat or drink. After realizing a good friend of mine was in the same city as I was, just 10 minutes walk from one another, but we didn't meet because none of us knew about the other. After countless of people stopping my friends and I on the street because they were looking for more people to go on a trek with them or split a cab somewhere. I just realized there has to be a better way, and that's when I came up with meeba."

Hatzav told his older brother Cnaan about the idea, and Cnaan, an expert programmer and worldwide traveler immediately got on board.

Together they build meeba over the course of over a year while maintaining other jobs for income.