meeba team cnaan aviv

Cnaan Aviv. Co-Founder & business escort, traveler and older brother.

Cnaan lives in Herzelia with his family. He began writing code at a young age on his own, continued his way in the IDF unit 8200. After travelling the world he started his own software company, created many useful softwares and developed many interesting projects. He has over 20 years of experience in the Hi-tech field.
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meeba team Hatzav Aviv

Hatzav Aviv. Co-Founder & CTO, traveler and younger brother.

Hatzav is 29, lives in Tel Aviv. He was always attracted to technology and learning new and interesting things. After finishing 4 and a half years of military service in the IDF and travelling for a year (mostly in South America) Hatzav started working in the Hi-tech industry. He began as a programmer for a couple of start-up companies and later on moved to develop some of his own projects one of which is meeba.
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